IATA (International Air Transport Association) is an industry group representing approximately 230 airlines. IATA is based out of Montreal, Canada and is present across 150 countries worldwide with over 100 offices. IATA’s mission is to “Represent, lead and serve the airline industry”.  IATA provides membership for Airlines and accreditation for Travel Agents, Cargo Agents and Airline Industry Solutions Providers. More information is available on IIATA Website and Wikipedia

IATA’s activities at a Glance:

  • Providing Accreditation for Travel Agents
  • Governing body for setting up International Airfare
  • Providing Airport Codes and Delay Codes
  • Billing & Settlement for Cargo and Travel Agencies
  • Setting up regulations for shipping of hazardous goods
  • Provides and governs the scheduling and allocation of slots for airlines at airports
  • Publishes standards for airline industry such as boarding passes with barcode
  • Operation safety audit which is mandatory for all member airlines
  • Other activities include Baggage Improvement program, Fast Travel Program, etc.

IATA, the governing body responsible for all afore mentioned activities has set forth certain rules and regulations, compliance standards and training requirements for individuals and organizations involved in Airline operations. IATA provides training and certifications across the world in order to comply with these standards. Representing a major percentage of airlines, these standards and regulations set forth by IATA have become mandatory requirements for airline operations.

IATA certifications help industry professionals to keep up with the challenges arising from the ever evolving airline industry. The certifications from IATA include:

  • Travel and Tourism Professional
  • Aviation Management Professional in partnership with Stanford University
  • Air Cargo Professional